Dodgeball London League



Are you looking for a fast & fun sport to help keep fit?

With so much demand for Dodgeball London to set up a League,
we are pleased to announce our experienced UKDBA qualified staff will be running a Dodgeball league.



You've probably seen the Hollywood movie, now you can take part in the real thing!

What is Dodgeball?

Dodgeball is a simple yet exciting sport in which players on opposing teams seek to eliminate one another by throwing balls and hitting their opponents. It'll remind you of childhood snowball fights but give you a really good workout too.

Do I need to have played before?

You don't need to have played before, we teach you the rules and you'll be playing against other new teams as well.

How much does it cost, how many players compete per team & who can play?

The cost of the league is £300 per team, working out at roughly £5 per week, per person (6 in a team).
All ages and abilities from 16+ are welcome.

At the end of the league, there will be awards given for:

- 1st Place
- 2nd Place
- Last Person Standing overall winner.


How does the league work?

A minimum of six players is required in each team, this can be mixed.

A max of 2 International/DPL players are allowed in each team to keep it fair.

The league will run for 10 weeks with a 1hr and 30 mins meeting each week.

League positions and fixtures will be emailed to the captain each week.

Teams will collect 3 points for each match won and 1 point for a draw.

There are no points given out for losing matches.

We finish with Last Person Standing competition as an extra treat if we have time.

Each team plays everyone 3 times over 10 league meetings.

Teams will play 3 sets of 3 games at each league meeting.

Sets will consist of 3, 3 minute games.

10 teams in league.


Please go to our News Page for all League details. If you would like to register a team into the league or you need more info please do not hesitate to contact us -